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DVD: Great British Chess Triumphs

Short, Miles and Speelman win against Kasparov and Karpov

2 DVD SET GM Raymond Keene OBE commentates on four great British Victories, one of which has never before been seen on British tv.

DVD: Duels of the Mind

The Twelve Best Games Of Chess: 4 DVD SET

Relive twelve of the greatest chess games of all time, with expert instruction by International Grandmaster Raymond Keene OBE.

DVD: Prelude to Armageddon

Kasparov and Karpov in London: 2 DVD SET

Review the run up to the titanic struggle between Kasparov and Karpov, with commentary by GM Raymond Keene OBE.

The Spectator Book of Chess

An Annotated Anthology 2001-2004

Battle of the Titans

The fifth and final great clash between Kasparov and Karpov

Chess Terminators

the rise of the machines from Deep Blue to Hydra

The Complete King's Indian

The favourite defence of Kasparov, Tal and Fischer

Dynamic Chess Openings

Hitting hard and fast with black and white

Discover your Chess Strength

Calculate your rating from the safety of your own home

Grandmaster Strategy

Ray Keene's Best Games

How To Win With Hypermodern Chess Strategy

Master the art of flank attacks

How to Play the Nimzo-Indian Defence

A key introduction to a major defence

How to beat Garry Kasparov

Wins against the greatest player of all time

Kasparov’s Sicilian Strategies

Thirty Nine Steps from the Art of Counterattack in Chess Opening Play

Karpov - Korchnoi, WCC 1978

Parapsychology , gurus and the KGB

Leonid Stein

Master of Attack


World Memory Championships
The official site of the World Memory Championships

Hardinge Simpole
Hardinge Simpole

World Memory Sports Council
Organising the Mind Sport of Memory Worldwide
World Memory Sports Council

Memory Sports Uk
The Uk Memory Sports Council

Buzan World

World Speed Reading Council
Official website of the World Speed Reading Council

World Mind Mapping Council
Official Website for the Mind Sport of competitive Mind Mapping
World Mind Mapping Council

World IQ Council
Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is one of the Five Learning Mind Sports which include Mind Mapping, Creativity, Speed Reading and Memory
World IQ Council

Filament Publishing
Filament Publishing publishes a growing number of exciting new authors in the field of Personal Development, Self Help and Training.
Filament Publishing

Schools Memory Championships
The UK Schools Memory Championship has been created to help pupils discover the Mind Sport of Memory and to develop their mental skills to aid them with their studies

I mind Map
Software that helps you think

Buzan Books
Tony Buzan the author or co-author of more than 100 books published in 150 countries, in 30 languages.
Buzan Books

The Brain Trust
The Brain Trust is a registered charity which was founded in 1990 by Tony Buzan with one objective: To maximise the ability of each and every individual to unlock and deploy the vast capacity of his or her Brain.

Impala Publications
Impala Press

Learning Tech
We are an independent training company helping individuals to:
* Learn & study more effectively
* Improve their memory
* Manage their time
* Unlock creativity
* Read faster, identify and retain important information

Festival of the Mind
The Festival of the Mind is a showcase event for the five learning Mind
Sports of Memory, Speed Reading, IQ, Creativity and Mind Mapping

World Creativity Council
Official website of the World Creativity Council.

Creativity is one of the Five Learning Mind Sports along with Mind Mapping, Speed Reading, IQ and Memory.

Mental World Records
Official Website for International Academy of Mental World Records

World Brain Club
One World - Billions of Brains

Inspire Education
Inspire is the Uk’s leading Educational Training & consultancy body providing informed, exciting and revolutionary services and support to all sectors of education. We are committed to helping teachers, students and parents to nurture any student regardless of ability, to maximise their full potential for learning and achieve success in life.
Inspire Education

The Howard Staunton Society
The Official website of the Howard Staunton Society
The Howard Staunton Society

Chessville - for Chess players, by Chess players

Innovate like Edison
Michael J Gelb is the author of the international best seller How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci.
Innovate like Edison

Emma Bently Chess Diary
A wealth of Chess news, picutures and links
Emma Bently Chess Diary

Tiger Chess
The website of Chess Grand Master Nigel Davies
Tiger Chess

Cultural Elite
Cultural Elite is a new company founded by Annette Goodman to offer high quality entertainment to the discerning international client.
Cultural Elite

Official Twitter feed

The site for all Chess books and products
The London Chess Centre, where Chess is King!
The site for all Chess books and products

Ray's column in Chessville.com
Read Ray's regular column on the Chessville website.
Ray's column in Chessville.com

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